Productivity and Job Satisfaction in an Online Environment | Kostiantyn Ovsiannikov

Productivity and Job Satisfaction in an Online Environment

Aim. To examine workers’ productivity and well-being in an online environment depending on types of work, remuneration systems, employment types and other socio-economic factors.

Research questions:

  1. How has employees’ productivity changed due to the transition from a face-to-face to an online environment depending on a type of assignment (individual vs. group & simple vs. creative)?

  2. Which employee cohorts have experienced largest impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of income- and job loss?


  • While the existing scholarship pays attention to telework productivity in general, few studies distinguish between types of assignments (simple vs. creative) as well as work formats (individual vs. collective).
  • Extending the analysis to the emerging economies and (i) identifying crisis-inflicted perils associated with urban residency, especially for temporary employees, (ii) demonstrating the challenges that exist for breadwinners in the context of a community-oriented society and (iii) assessing the impact of mobility and teleworking on the socioeconomic resilience. against the pandemic.
Kostiantyn Ovsiannikov
Kostiantyn Ovsiannikov
Assistant Professor

My research interests include labor economics, experimental economics and political economy.